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“ Beautifully packaged design meeting a genuine need. Innovative application of existing technologies to arrive at a new specialist device. Recognised high impact on the specialist electrical/communications installation sector.”

– Good Design Award Jury


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The SAFEST way to install, service and move large format displays & touchscreens


This unique, heavy-duty electronically operated lift makes it easy for anyone to move and install wall mounted and trolley mounted 55-103” CommBox Touchscreens.
Eliminating the need for manual lifting, not only does the CommBox Installation Mate greatly reduce the possibility of personal injury, it provides a secure and simple means to moving and lifting CommBox Touchscreens that is both safer for the installer and the product.
Battery operated and 240V (110V Option) with powder-coated aluminium and castors for assistance manoeuvring, the InstallMate is specifically designed to take the hard work out of installations.

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